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Mercia Fund Management is one of the leading technology investors in the UK. We work in partnership with pioneering UK businesses, both with financial support and our expertise, to help accelerate future growth.

As sector specialists, our value is not only in the pre-investment discovery, analysis and selection of high growth opportunities, but critically in how we support those companies post-investment.  

Mercia combines senior-level experience in operational management with proven expertise in structuring and managing unquoted investments.  Team members have been directly involved in financing, building and managing companies within their target sectors.  They also work with the executive management team of each investee company to drive value creation, control risk and deliver profitable exits.

Our Investment Directors include the former CEO of SEGA for Europe & America, Mike Hayes, and Chairman of Oxifree Global Ltd, Mark Volanthen.  Meet our team here.

Mercia's Funds

Mercia Growth Funds are invested in coordination with direct balance sheet investments from Mercia Technologies PLC, one of the UK’s leading technology investors with £225 AUM.  

This creates a unique venture capital model which, through follow-on funding, has the ability to back high-growth technology businesses from a very early stage, through their growth journey and ultimately to a profitable exit by trade sale or IPO.  We call this our Complete Capital Solution.

Find out more about how Mercia as a whole works by watching this short video:

Investor Services

Investors in Mercia's funds benefit from the use of our award-winning Investor Centre.  Additionally, our innovative Virtual Share Exchange may provide investors with the opportunity for early liquidity in some cases.  (Past performance is no guarantee of future results, and there is no guarantee of early liquidity.)

Watch a brief introduction to our Investor Centre here:

 To find out more, please chat to a member of our Investor Relations team .

About Mercia Technologies PLC

Mercia Fund Management is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mercia Technologies PLC, which is listed on AIM under the EPIC MERC.  Mercia Technologies has approximately £220m in assets under management, within which Mercia Fund Management manages £59m.

To find out more about Mercia Technologies, visit the website.  You can also download a copy of their latest Annual Report here.


To keep up to date with the latest news and developments within Mercia, follow us on Twitter, or take a look at our LinkedIn page.



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