External advisory bodies and committees

Mercia has a number of external panels and committees that help its team to make the best decisions possible for its investors. Each panel or committee is populated with experienced investors and business builders across Mercia’s four main sectors.

Investment Panel

Any investment that the Fund makes must be approved by the Investment Panel. This ensures that every portfolio company within the Fund is subjected to the same criteria and is assessed objectively. Please note: Investment Panel costs are borne by the Fund Manager. The Investment Panel will receive part of their remuneration via a portion of the Fund Manager’s performance fee to ensure alignment with the Fund’s investors.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee was established to oversee adherence to the Information Memorandum by the Fund Manager. It provides an independent perspective on the progress of the funds, corporate governance and the timing of investment returns. It meets on a quarterly basis and convenes additional meetings if necessary and is also able to remove and replace the Fund Manager in cases of negligence. Full advisory committee reports are available via the Investor Centre.

Digital & Digital Entertainment Advisory Board

Earlier in 2016, Mercia formed the Digital & Digital Entertainment Advisory Board to identify potential growth areas within the sector, to discuss industry trends and to help shape Mercia’s investment strategy. The Board is led by Investment Director Mike Hayes and meets quarterly.

Software Advisory Board

The Software Advisory Board was the second sector-specific board to be formed in 2016. It is formed of industry experts who meet regularly to monitor industry developments and identify trends, particularly in Mercia’s areas of focus which are: software-as-a-service, artificial intelligence, cyber security and marketing technology.

Life Sciences & Bio-sciences Advisory Board

The Life Sciences & Bio-Sciences Advisory Board is formed of four industry leaders in healthcare and venture capital, and is the third sector-specific advisory board that Mercia has formed in 2016. They meet quarterly to advise the investment team, identify deal flow sources for new opportunities and provide a market-wide view of topical issues, including within Mercia’s areas of focus, which are: diagnostics, digital healthcare solutions and devices.



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